A alternative process salt print photograph of a neon restaurant sign in York Maine

Alternative process salt print of a restaurant neon sign

A neon restaurant sign in York Beach, Maine done as an alternative process salt print. Salt printing dates back to the mid 1830’s and is a labor intensive process, A salt solution is applied to the paper and dried after which a silver nitrate solution is applied and dried to make the paper light sensitive. A digital negative is made on special transparency sheets, Placed over the sensitized paper and placed into a contact printing frame for exposure under a UV Black light. The resulting print is a beautiful all hand made example of a vintage photography print making process where each image is different. No two images will ever be the same.
The prints are made on 8×10 inch sheets of paper designed for this type of printing that dry flat without warping. The image area will be 5×7 inches and an 11×14 inch frame will be needed for framing as the print will be mounted to an 11×14 inch mat. Each print will be signed and numbered and only 100 will be produced. After the production run no more salt prints of these images will be made. The mounted print will be placed inside a plastic sleeve and shipped in a protective, recyclable box and include a signed certificate of authenticity.

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