A Curious Rock

waterfalls-Honey Hollow-Vermont
Honey Hollow Falls at the base of Camels Hump mountain.

This is a pretty interesting set of waterfalls located near the base of Vermont’s other well-known mountain Camels Hump. On really old maps of the area the mountain is listed as Camels hump and no other name due to its distinctive shape looking like…You guessed it, A camels hump! The falls here are a short drive from Burlington, Roughly 30 minutes or so. The falls are part of a larger stream system that runs directly alongside one of the steepest logging roads I have ever seen. You can drive up it but only in the late Spring Summer and fall. I wouldn’t even attempt it in the Winter months without some serious 4wd. These falls are in a fairly deep gorge with sloping sides of very slippery rock.

The careful decent is worth it as there are a series of smaller falls leading to the final, large falls with small pools, circular pools and good shots facing either up or downstream. The only downside to shooting here is that a huge pine tree has fallen into the gorge making some of the downstream shots almost impossible. The rock here is rather interesting because of its red color but due to the force of the water over many years it forms a pretty graceful curve back behind the camera position here. It’s an awesome foreground subject and here I am using it for the smaller upper falls!

The image is a two shot composite for focus and exposure. I made one exposure for the falls and one for the red rock in the foreground. I blended the two together with some simple brush work…No gradients or anything else were needed. This is one location as long as you are careful and aware can yield more than one image. Be aware of the slippery rocks and you will be rewarded with some nice waterfall images!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 2.5 seconds for both images. Shot with a Cokin Circular Polarizer.