One Fine Day

Boats-Lake Champlain-Vermont-sunset
Boating on Lake Champlain at sunset.

There are times when you have all of these ideas in your head about what you want to shoot and what compositions you might try but the world at large can often have different plans for your photography. Since I live so close to the lake I try to get out as often as I can when the conditions are ripe for sunsets over Lake Champlain. The weather tends to change pretty rapidly here so you have to be open-minded and receptive to changing what you want to shoot at a moments notice. This night was one of those nights where the clouds in the sky rapidly dissipated as the sun went down.

Warm nights bring out tons of people and activity on the lake which makes it hard to get any unobstructed views. Because of the sheer number of people and the high water covering many of the decent foregrounds at this park I was stuck in a small patch of shrubs and poison ivy. I hate to go out shooting without getting anything so this was one of those times were I made the most out of what I was given.

The sunset was so-so but i thought shooting in these high reeds along the shoreline would make for some nice silhouette’s with the activity on the water and the small amount of clouds in the sky. I shot a few frames when I noticed the people in the canoe off to my right. I waited for just the right moment as they glided by and were in line with the sun and the great reflected light on the water! Not my typical work but a nice capture of life living next to a lake.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/50. No filters.