Under The Surface

waterfall-Vermont-Spring 2013
A culvert and waterfall near Underhill State Park in Underhill, Vermont

It’s amazing the things you can find sometimes just wondering around familiar territory. I have hiked around this area for a number of years and driven on the road which is above the image frame here many times and I never noticed these old style cement culverts which were running under the road. Normally I hate shooting these because they are the modern, metal type, But I happened to find two of these old, gnarly looking culverts while exploring this section of river. The river winds its way down from Mount Mansfield and along the road which leads its way up to the state park parking lot.

I shot this at the beginning of our current rainy season in May which is still ongoing this week. Portions of the road and riverbank were well saturated with water when I shot this image and some spots were completely caving in and down into the river. Compositions were difficult because of the trees and debris from the washed out riverbanks falling every which way across the river. Here I was drawn to the forest growth which is starting to envelope the old culvert. It’s hard to find these remnants of the past but probably 80 percent of the roads here are still dirt so if you look hard enough you can find them!

Pretty straightforward processing here with some simple tweaks in Lightroom. I fixed a slight yellow tint in the highlights with some basic clarity and exposure adjustments. Nothing fancy here….Just a peaceful composition shot on a rainy Vermont day!

Image Data: ISO 100. 20mm. F11 @ 5 seconds. Cokin P series circular polarizer.