Star trail-Vermont-Burlington-nighttime
A tree near Lake Champlain with the North star visible in a star trail image

It’s the time of year again here in Vermont that photographers like to call stick season. All of the foliage is gone, All you can see for miles is bare trees and Winter is on its way. Instead of not shooting anything for the next two months I decided to embrace night photography and learn how to do some proper star trail imagery. I think my time could be better spent while waiting for the snow to fly learning some new photography technique and nighttime work is challenging for sure!

To get the circular star pattern you must be pointed North and in Burlington where I live this is difficult. There are only a few spots that point north that are also image worthy and I have been on a mission to investigate them. I have looked at some and still have a few more spots to go to but you can make some really nice star imagery around the city. This image was accidental as I was shooting a different star trail sequence and I bumped my tripod in the dark making the shots unusable for stacking. Undeterred I quickly looked around and framed up this tree!

This image is composed of 95 images stacked in Photoshop and nothing fancy in terms of processing the final image. There are some street lamps near the tree and I liked the orange glow they added to the trees. I wasn’t crazy about the composition here but I had to move fast as these shots take quite a bit of time to make. I do not have an intervalometer so I have to use my wireless remote to trigger the shutter manually for every shot. It’s very boring at times but I get to watch the stars and make an image with a little something special to it!