Devon-A model portrait shoot

A close up portrait image of a blond haired female posing against a pink background

Breaking out from the usual

Over a year ago when I decided to get more into alternative process photography more I had come up with a personal project to break away from doing strictly landscape photography. While I am deeply passionate about landscape work I wanted to get much more involved with shooting portraits. I wanted more of a personal connection with my work and to just simply meet new people and develop some professional contacts.

I settled on salt printing as the first alternative process to get into for its ease of use, adaptability to more modern techniques and how beautiful of a process it is for portrait images. My portrait project is going to be a collection of portraits done specifically to make salt prints but also to push myself to get better at something other than landscapes.

A bad day for photography

Well wouldn’t you know it but on the day of our shoot the weather took a bit of a turn from clear skies to cold and windy. The sunset turned out pretty decent towards the end of the shoot but the cold and windy conditions complicated what we could do.  The windy conditions meant that Devon’s hair was at times blowing all over the place and in the end some images did not make the cut because of that. The wind also made it difficult to stand out in the open for any length of time but I think we were creative with the spots we did use to escape the weather for a few moments to shoot.

We were shooting on the Burlington waterfront which is an open park area right on the shores of Lake Champlain. As often the case in the winter time here the weather can change from minute to minute and this day was no exception. I had been watching the weather all day as our shoot was in the afternoon and the morning was clear and calm. The afternoon however took a turn and the wind kicked up with the temperature dropping a bit because of the wind. We did manage to use the location to our advantage shooting in stairwells, benches, out in the open and undercover of some shrubbery. With portraits they always speak for themselves……

A black and white close up portrait image of a female model a closeup color portrait of a female model a close up portrait image of a blonde haired female model in color a black and white close up portrait of a female model with a fur hood over head

Close up color image of a blond haired female model with glasses