Marching forward

Canon 7d/ Canon 17-40mm F4 L series lens. UV filter. Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter. ISO 100, 40mm, F 11 @ 70 seconds. Burlington, Vermont waterfront with flooding from Lake Champlain.

As promised I have a few images of all the flooding that persists here along the shores of Lake Champlain. The lake does rise quite signficantly in the spring time due to melting snow but I can’t remember a time when it had gotten this bad and all the rain we are getting certainly does not help. If you look to the left side of this image where that old barge is, I should be able to walk out over there but here I am several hundred feet back.

I made this image on yes… A cloudy early morning that was threatening rain. This particular spot is five minutes from my home but I was really liking reflections from the trees in the water. Here you are looking at the back parking lot of the Echo Lake and science aquarium. It’s devoted to the science and ecology of Lake Champlain with lots of neat exhibits about the area.

Using the 10 stop neutral density filter really stopped any movement in the water and gave it that “glassy” look. The sky here is pretty horrible but I think it emphasises the flooding aspect. fortunately I have not had to put on the hip waders to make  an image!

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    1. Yeah, The one I have is by Lee and its called the big stopper. It is an awesome filter! Gives you options for shooting in the daytime and under very bright conditions. The water seems to not be going anywhere at the moment.

  1. Awesome use for slow shutter speed and those long shadows are awesome. Sad that this is because of flooding, but it sure makes a nice shot.

    1. Thanks Chris…Sadly the level of the lake looks like it may take a few more weeks to come down…Makes a good excuse to head back into the mountains for some images!

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