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Welcome to Andrew Gimino Photography!

I’m a Landscape and Portrait Photographer with a focus on Alternative Process Salt Printing for portraits. I was born in Rutland, Vermont, Grew up in Colchester, Vermont and I now live in work in Burlington, Vermont. I  am a professional Chef in my day job but my artistic passion is for Landscape and Portrait Photography as well as using the 180 year old Salt Print process to produce images.

I want to show the beauty of the world in landscapes as well as people. I am equally at home traveling to a remote landscape location or sticking close to the city to shoot some portraits. My work has been published several times in Vermont Life magazine as well as appearing in a few books and websites.  I am not famous nor do I scale mountains but I love good imagery.

I also love having a space where there is a  more personal connection between me and my work. To hand make a Salt Print from start to finish or to mount and package a print for a buyer make me feel like my work is more than just pixels on a screen and that I am in control of the process from image capture to packaging and shipping. I am a Dad, A Chef, An old school snowboarder but most of all I love the creative outlet photography provides.

Email: agimino@gmail.com

Phone: (802)338-2894

              Instagram: @andrew_gimino_photography