Print Pricing Tiers

My prints are are sold as a tier system with a low, mid and high priced option. Each tier is described below with premium options depending on which print tier you choose.

Standard Tier Prints: A high quality print with a protective coating that will be shipped directly to you from my printer. These prints are not signed, stamped, inspected or packaged by me but are a decent lower cost option with shipping costs included in the price.

Select Tier Prints: Select Tier Prints are still the same high quality print as the Standard tier with the addition of being signed and dated by me after I inspect them for quality. These prints are also placed inside of a protective plastic sleeve with a backer board and shipped in a rigid mailer. Shipping costs are also included in the price of the print. This is a solid middle tier option for a signed print from me.

Prime Tier Prints: This tier will feature the same high quality print as the other two tiers with the additional features listed below. This is a higher cost print but I designed them with maximum protection and longevity. These prints will give the buyer a more personal connection to me and my work as I personally inspect, sign and package these prints.

  1. Print will be mounted to a museum quality, archival white mat board and placed into a protective plastic sleeve with an archival backer board.
  2. Print will be stamped on the back including the following information handwritten by me: My signature (In case print and mat are ever separated from each other, Date, Title, Edition (open or limited), medium, print and mat size, Year image was created, Year print was signed and the location of the image.
  3. Mat will be signed on the front in the lower right corner
  4. Once print is signed and packaged it will be placed into a high quality presentation box and then shipped directly to you.

Panoramic Prints: My panoramic prints will be 1:4 aspect ratio (For every inch on the short side there will be 4 inches on the long side), Shipped flat directly to you and printed on high quality Kodak paper with a matte finish. Signed and stamped panoramic prints incur a higher cost as I get them shipped to me and then I have to Inspect, stamp and sign and then re-box and ship to you.